Why Should I Choose Dan Starks & Starks Training Institute?

The most difficult thing I face is dealing with victims of all sorts of crime. All are forever changed and few understand why it happened to them.

Regardless of the type of crime, there is always a perpetrator looking for a target. In many ways we are “inventory” for the criminal. Knowledge is power and understanding your vulnerabilities helps develop strategies to protect yourself.

Criminals look for targets that are readily available, easily accessible and somewhat vulnerable.
What they don’t want is someone who is aware, focused and obviously not intimidated.

Let’s look at some of those times when we’re vulnerable:

  1. Getting in/out or our vehicle
  2. Stopped at a traffic light
  3. Putting infants/children in car seats, groceries in trunk
  4. Getting gas
  5. Walking in a public place

Obviously the list is unending but the principals are the same:

  1. Get in/out quickly and stay aware of your surroundings.
  2. Keep enough distance between you and the car in front to see the bottom of the rear tires (Allows you to drive around in a hurry)
  3. Look around the vehicle as you approach, put the kids in quickly, have an attendant put the groceries in at drive up.
  4. Use the pump closest to the store, lock the car while pumping and keep your hand on the pump.
  5. Be aware of strangers who are close enough to touch you. Face anyone who approaches from behind and don’t be emotionally disarmed by questions or comments.

While this is a brief list, it points to a simple fact. Common sense is critical in avoiding any type of crime and having an exit strategy should something evil happen is critical. The mind is the most lethal weapon in any self-defense situation. Learn to use yours effectively starting today.