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To our valued clients, future clients and treasured friends,

It’s been over a year since we said goodbye to our beloved Dan, our CEO and my life partner. Starks Training Institute will continue providing our brand, Safety and Awareness Seminars and Community Services.

Taking personal time to reorganize my priorities, I am looking forward to continuing Starks Training Institute’s legacy to focus on keeping people informed, empowered and equipped with specific self defense training, techniques and education.

As Dan would always say, “Remember, it’s your choice, Don’t be a Victim.”


Connie Smigiel
Starks Training Institute

Dan Starks hosted a long running news series for News Channel 36 (WCNC-TV) Don’t be a Victim – a series nominated eleven times for an Emmy Award, winning one! – as well as Partners Against Crime. The Don’t Be A Victim series has helped everyday people by offering them various crime prevention tips and covers a wide range of self defense topics. He has written a weekly Personal Safety column for The Charlotte Observer newspaper, and he was frequently called upon for his expertise of self-defense by various radio stations. He worked within the court system as an Expert Material Witness.

Dan has taken all of his expertise and experience in personal safety and self-defense and offers his knowledge to you in the form of classes with STARKS TRAINING INSTITUTE, INC. Dan was ranked in the top Ten Instructors in the USA by the NRA since 2009!

Concealed Carry

Taught by personal safety expert and Emmy-winning TV personality Dan Starks – ranked as one of the Top Ten instructors by the NRA – the course will prepare you to get your North Carolina concealed carry permit.
Safety & Awareness

Safety & Awareness

In this 3-hour class, safety expert Dan Starks teaches the use OC Pepper Foam, baton, and basic self-defense skills to protect yourself. This class has been featured by various radio and Television stations in Charlotte.
Campus Safety

Campus Safety

In addition to safety and self defense techniques, this 3-hour class discusses adapting to new surroundings, stalking and date rape, apartment/dorm safety, and Drug/Alcohol Issues (Rohypnol, Adderall, Smart Pills).
Corporate Classes

Corporate Classes

We bring our business to you with our customizable, industry-specific safety training classes. Let us know your specific needs and we will train your staff in the form of classes and seminars with Starks Training Institute.

Dan Starks

Dan has been in the business of teaching self-defense for over thirty years. During that time, he has helped tens of thousands of citizens to empower themselves to have the correct response when things go wrong. He teaches law-abiding citizens to look for the best way to protect themselves.

Why STI?

Regardless of the type of crime, there is always a perpetrator looking for a target. Criminals look for targets that are readily available, easily accessible and somewhat vulnerable. What they don’t want is someone who is aware, focused and obviously not intimidated.

I cannot give strong enough recommendation for Dan Starks. He is the most knowledgeable person in his field. I have known Dan for many years and you can find no better person for Safety Training and Awareness classes.

I may even owe him my life because of a product he uses and recommended to me. A special type of pepper foam that absolutely stopped and repelled a 230 pound attacker.

Thanks Dan!

Galen M.

Mr. Starks handles all of our Concealed Carry Classes. He is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking his services.

Dan Starks is the most professional, ethical, and knowledgeable person I have ever met, in the Self-defense and Concealed Carry area. He educates his clients on the laws, realities, and the responsibility of carrying a handgun. Beyond that he provides a seasonal prospective on real world situations in which anyone may find themselves at any time.

I have had the good fortune to attend [his] CCH class twice, and enrolled all 3 of my daughters, and attended myself, in his Campus Safety Class.

The valuable knowledge that he generously provides is so relevant to today’s world, that I am so thankful to he and Connie, as well as his incredible crew of well-trained instructors for the proper instruction and training that they provide to their clients.

Do not hesitate to sign up for one of his courses. There is no better investment in your own safety and well-being.

I have been through 2 CCH classes with Dan, and he is THE EXPERT. I hope never to need his immediate help, he is clearly in my contact list for speed-dial, should I need his immediate attention.

Todd B.

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